What are our clients say about us

Steve Warr | Executive Producer, Raw Cut TV
I've worked with the Stationhouse team on a number of documentary series over the past 10 years and have always been exceedingly happy with their service, both technically and creatively. The kit is up to date, and the food, drink, and general comfort levels are very good. Stationhouse may not be in Soho but they are still very accessible. More to the point they are extremely competitively priced which allows us to budget with confidence for both our terrestrial and digital Broadcasters.

Kate Gerova | Ex-Head of Distribution, Soda Pictures
Soda Pictures had the fortune to work with Jim Betteridge on a film in 2008. We recorded ADR and mixed a feature animation for Digital Cinema release in Dolby 5.1 at Stationhouse in Kensington Olympia and were very happy with everything technically, creatively and in terms of support and comfort. The cost was also a significant plus because Stationhouse is extremely competitive compared with comparable facilities. I cannot recommend Jim's service highly enough.

Matt Loudon | Head Of Production, Recipe Advertising
Jim and the stationhouse team have been exceptional in catering to our needs. Able to turnaround the projects within our incredibly tight timelines and budgets I can't recommend their service enough. We'll be using them for many moons to come.

Nikki Gillespie | Creative Consultant, Sassy Films
Stationhouse is a trusted supplier to SASSY Films. Always delivering great service and quality with super-quick turnaround times at a really good price. We would be very happy to recommend Jim and Stationhouse to anyone!

Yaba Badoe | MD, Fadoa Films
Stationhouse is a state of the art dubbing facility run by Jim Betteridge. Jim goes out of his way to make sure that whatever he works on is realised to the highest possible standard. In an industry where many people are cutting corners, Jim goes the extra mile to achieve excellence. It was a pleasure working with him to dub my award winning documentaries - The Witches of Gambaga and The Art of Ama Ata Aidoo


Colin Izod | MD, Big Heart Media
Big Heart Media has worked with Jim Betteridge and Stationhouse on TV and Radio projects, both drama and documentary for many years.

The quality of the facilities and attention to detail from Jim and his colleagues has always ensured a first class mix and a really enjoyable working environment.


John Lynch | Director, Full Stop Film
Working with Stationhouse has been an exceptional and stress-free experience from brief to delivery. When other parts of a production get chopped and changed without notice, Stationhouse's felxible, communicative and professional team are an invaluable asset to have.

Natasha Redhead | Studio Bookings Manager, Wise Buddah Creative
I have been using Jim/Stationhouse for at least five years now and have always found them professional, helpful, friendly and accommodating, even when my requests have been last minute high-pitched squeals. Stationhouse is my go to post-production facility for all my Dolby mixes.

George Roubicek | ADR Director/Producer
George Roubicek – IMDb
As a sound producer/director, I have recorded commentaries, foreign versions and ADR at Stationhouse many times, and without exception have always been highly satisfied with the quality of their recording, the variations of sound they are able to produce as required, and the generally creative atmosphere of the studio. Apart from that Jim Betteridge as recordist/mixer has the priceless knack of usually being two steps ahead of me in what I am aiming for, which makes the working atmosphere infinitely easier. The studio is not in the West End but is easily accessible, close to the B.B.C. and this implies significant cost savings. It really should be on your list of preferred recording venues.

Brian Bowles | Voice Artiste and Agent 
Stationhouse, from the perspective of a V/O, is all that one could want. Smartly appointed with all the usual bells and whistles the 'tech' side of things runs extremely smoothly. Good sound in the cans. Great communication with the artist. Jim Betteridge has an excellent set-up here and has brought his many years of recording experience to bear on the physical environment - 'serene' and ultimately professional at one and the same time. You get the sense that very little if anything would faze Jim. That confidence is pervasive and makes for a relaxed V/O and, inevitably, a good end result. You could go a lot further and pay a lot more for a studio set-up such as this. Why bother? Stick with Stationhouse.

Jake Lanning, MD, Underground Media (UK) Ltd
We have worked with Jim and the team at Stationhouse on a number of projects now ranging from Corporate Video mixing, Animation Tracklay & Mix and VO Artist Records through to full Feature Film Tracklay, Pre-Mix, Final Mix and Deliverables.

On every occasion they have surpassed our expectations and provided a superior professional service in a friendly, relaxed environment and they have always bent over backwards to fit into our always tight budgets.

Not being based in Central London has also been a plus… Transport links are excellent and this has proved very convenient for ourselves, our visiting clients and artists alike.

Stationhouse quickly became our first phone call for all audio related projects and I strongly recommend you add them to your workflow.


Simon Keep | Holkham Music and Sound Design
Excellent work! Jim is a real pleasure to work with.