We are Dolby approved to mix sound for Digital 5.1 cinema commercials & trailers and have done so for dozens of satisfied clients. We also offer complete audio post packages for feature films including track lay, Foley, ADR, mixing and and foreign versioning.

Original Cinema Trailers & Commercials

If you're starting from scratch with your cinema commercial or trailer we can voice, sound design, tracklay and mix the audio for your pictures. This is charged at £125/hr and can take anywhere between 4hrs to several days depending on your process and requirements.

Taking Commercials From TV to Cinema

If you have produced a commercial or trailer for television and need to re-make it for cinema, we can create a cinema mix based on the components of your existing mix. You are welcome to attend the session alhough most clients simply FTP their video and audio files to us and we do the rest, so it doesn't matter where in the world you are based. Our service includes liaising with Dolby and ensuring the necessary files are delivered to DCM, Pearl & Dean or any other international client. 


Feature Films

Our main room has been equipped and aligned by Dolby to allow mixes to transfer faithfully to Dolby aligned cinemas internationally. We offer full sound post-production package or can contribute individual elements including sound design, ADR, Foley and mixing. 

ADR and Foreign Versioning

We're experienced in recording foreign dialogue versions and can offer a full service including highly skilled ADR Directors.